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Hearing Aids

We work with the following hearing instrument manufacturers in order to provide you with a wide selection of the latest hearing aid technology and so we can service and repair your hearing instruments: Oticon, Phonak, Signia, Starkey, and GN Resound. We will work with you to determine the degree and type of hearing loss you have, what your communication needs are, what your individual preferences are, and what suits your financial situation in order to provide you with the best hearing solution.

We also service and repair the following hearing instruments: Bernafon, Micro-Tech,  Rexton, Unitron, Nu-Ear, and Widex.

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Hearing Aid Info

One treatment for hearing loss is the use of hearing aids. Most people with sensori-neural hearing loss will benefit from the use of hearing aids. Although hearing aids don't bring back normal hearing, today's digital technology enables us to make speech and environmental sounds audible, while ensuring comfort and better sound quality for persons with hearing loss. Today's technology includes special features that can help a person hear better in background noise, or enable wireless connection to cell phones, TV's, iPods, and other devices.

The following are some facts about hearing aids:
-Hearing aids are miniature electronic amplifiers that help compensate for hearing loss.

-Hearing aids increase the sound intensity and expand the range of tones heard.
-Hearing aids are customized and programmed to fit each person’s individual hearing loss.
-Hearing aids come in different sizes and styles.

-Hearing aids  encompass a broad range of component choices to match a person’s lifestyle and budget

-Hearing aids are prescriptive and a comprehensive audiological evaluation must be completed in order to determine the best hearing solution for each person.

For more information on hearing aids:

Hearing Aid Benefits

Today's hearing aids are smaller and have more advanced technology than even a few years ago. Hearing instruments have become more stylish, and are designed to accommodate your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget. In fact, current hearing aid users report higher satisfaction than ever before due to the positive changes in hearing instrument technology and hearing healthcare.  

Hearing aids will improve your ability to hear conversation in quiet listening situations and in more difficult listening situations where there is background noise present. Hearing better will help you participate more easily and feel more confident when conversing in noisy places like a restaurant. Because hearing aids improve your ease of listening, you will probably feel less stressed and more relaxed in social situations. You will also have less difficulty hearing what is being said at meetings or worship services. Hearing aids will help you hear television and use your telephone or cell phone with less difficulty, as well. Imagine how much better your quality of life will be when you are able to connect more with your family and friends!

Hearing Aid Styles

Here are some pictures of what the different style hearing aids will look like when they are being worn. The new technology has enabled hearing instrument manufacturers to make hearing aids smaller and more cosmetically appealing for hearing aid users. When you are deciding on which hearing aid is right for you, choosing the design and style of the hearing aid is one of the first steps towards successful hearing aid use. We can help you discover which design, style, and color best fits your lifestyle and individual preferences.   


Hear with Invisible in canal hearing air



Ear with Completely in Canal Hearing Aid


Low Profile In-The-Ear

Ear with Low Profile In The Ear Hearing Aid



Ear with In The Ear Hearing Aid



Ear with Receiver in Canal Hearing Aid



Ear with Behind The Ear Hearing Aid


Make an appointment to find the right hearing aid for you!

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